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Independence Day is a major celebration in Mexico which is celebrated with a grand fiesta! The celebrating begins on September 15th, the eve of Independence Day. All across Mexico, crowds of people gather in the zocalos (town plazas)  to celebrate with fireworks, confetti, whistles, horns and lots of typical food. As the clock strikes 11p.m., the crowds get silent as the president of Mexico steps out on the balcony of the Palacio National to ring the historic liberty bell that Father Hidalgo rang to call the people in 1810. Then the president gives the Grito de Dolores. He shouts "Viva Mexico", Viva la independencia" and the crowds echo back. People do this at the same time all across Mexico while filling the air with confetti, streamers and fireworks which explode in showers of red, white and green. On the actual holiday of September 16th, there are rodeos, parades and grand feasts. The Mexican flag is made up of green, white and red colors which are used often in decorationg for the Mexican Independence Day fiesta!