espectacular vista de la ciudad

We stayed at Casa Estrella with another couple. The innkeeper, Sharon, welcomed us warmly. The inn has six rooms ... each one decorated beautifully with art and crafts from local masters. (There were things like tiles and pottery and rugs and paintings and paper mâche masks ... the good stuff ... not the gnarly stuff.) The inn is built into the hillside above Guanajuato. Every room has a spectacular view of the city. Ours was the Rayas room which was bigger than our living room at home (and lovelier!). It had a Jacuzzi tub and a little balcony as well as a private, outdoor patio. It was beautifully furnished and there were lots of niceties like a little CD player beside the bed with a couple of restful, romantic music CD's in the nightstand drawer and chocolates by the bedside ... not just any old chocolate ... but rich truffles from the local candy-making master. The bed was big, beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and from it we could see the lights of the city at night and the colorful city by day. There is a living room at the inn where we sipped margaritas and enjoyed the view. There is a pool and Jacuzzi with a lounge area around it. The observation deck has TWO telescopes. The covered patio upstairs houses a bar (help yourself!) and some very cool star-shaped lights that are suspended from the ceiling and move in the breeze. There is an outdoor patio where they serve one of the best breakfasts that I've ever had in a hotel anywhere in the world. We toured the city ... first with Sharon who gave us an overview. She has a wealth of knowledge about the city (and for all of Mexico for that matter.) Then she turned us loose to explore on our own. We visited Diego Rivera's birthplace where there must have been one hundred of his drawings and paintings and a bunch of photos of he and Freida Kahlo. The produce and meat displays in the Mercado are worth stopping by for. We found Casa Estrella to be one delight after another. It knocked our socks off!

Reviewed January 28, 2009