Directions from Guadalajara

Take the Aguascalientes/Lagos de Moreno Cuota (toll) road 80. After passing San Juan de los Lagos, take the León turnoff 45D. You will by pass León, heading toward Guanajuato.

You will pass Silao and come to an exit for Guanajuato. Take this exit on the road to Guanajuato- Highway 110. Follow the signs and stay on the Cuota (toll) road to Guanajuato which ends at the toll booth. As you drive, you’ll pass the General Motors plant on the right (Planta Silao).

At the end of the Cuota road you will pay approximately $27 pesos (about $2USD current rate as of 01/03/14).  After the toll booth you will come upon a traffic circle.  DO NOT TAKE THE FIRST RIGHT.  Follow the signs to Guanajuato/Dolores Hidalgo and go around the circle past the Gran Plaza Hotel and get into the center lane.  Soon you will pass under a pedestrian bridge and take the exit to Guanajuato.  Take this exit to the right.  This road leads through a tunnel into Guanajuato.  Follow the signs to Dolores Hidalgo.

You’ll travel into town and pass the Hotel Real de Minas on your left, and a park with stone frog statues further up on the right. Pass the park and straight through the next traffic circle and under a large stone arch.

The next left is tricky. The road veers to the right into the underground tunnels. DO NOT GO RIGHT! Instead, go left up a small hill that has an immediate small traffic circle stay to the right around the traffic circle and go into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a T intersection (Alhondiga Street). Take a left to the next traffic circle. Go around the circle - and head up the hill. The signs should all be directing you to Dolores Hidalgo/Camino Real/Valenciana.

At the end of this street is Camino Real. Stay to the right around the hotel and follow the road up the hill to La Valenciana. The road is curvy, so take your time. You will see signs for Casa Estrella at the base of the hill, about halfway up the hill. 

Pass through the small plaza and travel further up the hill. You’ll see signs on the right for both Casa Estrella and CIMAT ENTRADA NORTE. Go LEFT onto the little street and take the fork to the right. On your right are the ruins of the Guadalupe Mine, with its great flying buttresses. This short road ends at CIMAT, a large math research center. Turn left when you reach the gate for the CIMAT parking lot which also has a sign for Casa Estrella pointing to the left. 

Casa Estrella is the first property on the right with a sign for Casa Estrella.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, ask someone, “Disculpe, donde está CIMAT?” Once they have pointed the way, you can’t miss us!